TREND: Chokers and Layering necklaces

Just when we thought the nineties weren't back to stay, chokers have really made a permanent place in the current fashion landscape. And now it isn't only about reinventing the choker but styling it in a more interesting way - cue the necklace layering trend.

This trend is definitely one of my personal favourites but do act with caution when rocking this look or it can go from delicately chic to prison yard real quick. A sure fire way to make sure you don't over do the choker thing is to understand the most dominant necklace you're working with and choose the layering pieces with that in mind. Think carefully about materials, textures, thickness and weight. If you're rocking a statement choker maybe do a simple chain or no chain at all. Keep to a colour scheme as well - this may seem trivial when discussing jewellery, but trust me stick to one.

My favourite places so shop for chokers are currently Colette, Parpala Jewelry and Missoma. Check our their website for a range of pieces to play around with.

Kenz xx

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