8:54 PM - I'm officially inspired

Theyallhateus. Tash and Elle. Margaret Zhang. Need I say more. 

These women are powerful, fearless and the embodiment of a GirlBoss.

Today I had the privilege of listening to the two ladies behind Theyallhateus as they spoke about their careers and how they have established a successful online business. Tash and Elle revealed how Theyallhateus was born and how hard work and passion can really pave your way in the fashion industry. Hearing these two amazing ladies talk about how their friendship and pure obsession for beautiful clothes started the Girl Gang they now lead everyday definitely excited me for what the fashion industry has to offer in terms of careers and opportunities. And can you see Tash's boots! (Those Balenciaga bad boys have captured my heart).

And as for Margaret Zhang - what a woman! At 24 she has achieved so so much, and to me she is the ultimate superwoman. Her work ethic, artistic direction, keen eye for style and knowledge has me obsessed and an avid reader of Shine By Three (head over there for some serious style inspiration - it is mindblowing).

So after reading Elle, subscribing to Theyallhateus and listening to Tash and Elle, I'm so excited for whatever the fashion industry throws at me. I'm a GirlBoss and YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!


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