Kickin' in Converse

No sneaker really has the same effect as a classic Chuck Taylor Converse look, does it? It's something about that high top silhouette and that star on the inside of the ankle. And when people say that they live in their converses, trust me, it's a true statement.

For such a simple shoe there are so many style possibilities. The massive variety of colours and styles enables one shoe brand to be worn by a variety of age groups and for various occasions. I mean, the little bubba converses are so adorable and I want a baby pink pair so bad - for no reason though, just to have!

The shoe itself is also so comfortable. Being on my feet all day in Converses is never an issue because they have a really soft sole. The only thing I would watch out for is how narrow the top of the shoe is as it might pinch a bit so I personally went up a shoe size when I got my Chucks. Also, compared to other sneaker brands, Converses are extremely affordable - which is a strong argument for anyone planning to invest into a stylish and trendy sneaker.

All in all, if you haven't got a pair - GET A PAIR!

Kenz xx


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