I'm Polished

So now that summer is pretty much over and the time for painting my nails crazy and outrageous colours has come to an unfortunate end, I thought it would be fitting to post about my favourite summer nail polish colours and my current nail polish routine.

I obviously start with removing the remnants of my chipped nail polish just by popping some nail polish remover on a cotton pad and rubbing it off (groundbreaking, I know). Then obviously trimming my nails and getting somewhat into a nicer shape than what they naturally are.

I've come to terms with how long the process painting nails can be especially if I want my right hand to look as good as my left so adding an extra step was not something I typically wanted to do. However, I strongly recommend buffing your nails before applying the polish. Roughing the nail surface up a bit definitely increases the longevity of the polish and also my sanity - if I had to re-do my nails daily I'd be going insane.

Then it comes to applying the polish. Personally, I don't apply a bottom coat, I just get straight on there with the colour. Two coats of colour and a top coat seem to do it for me. I find that too many layers of nail polish just ends up peeling off leaving my manicure looking sad.

The top coat I use is the Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay 7 days Gel Nail Colour - it isn't sold as a top coat but it's a clear thick polish that gives my nails a really nice shine and contributes to keeping the polish on my nails.

As for my three favourite colours they are: Sinful Colours Alfresco and Royal Flush and Aloha from OPI. After painting my nails, I like to finish with a bit of hand cream to really get that at-home manicure feeling.

Now to pick my Autumn Colours!! Kenz xx


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