The best mask $9 can buy

With face masks being the current skincare must have it is so hard to try and test the huge range available without breaking the bank. From overseas brands to expensive high end products, as an avid face mask enthusiast and blackhead popping junkie, I have found it so hard to test several products on my skin. However, the best kept secret in town are these Formula 10.0.06 face masks, stocked at Priceline and going for $8.99. Yes! You heard it, $8.99!!!

The Formula 10.0.06 range offers not only face masks but moisturisers, cleansers and scrubs as well. Having purchases and tested the skin clarifying mud mask and brightening peel off mask I would recommend this brand to anyone. The face mask range itself comprises of five products; the skin clarifying mud mask, calming breakout mask, brightening peel off mask, oil-absorbing mud mask and ultra cleansing mud mask. I'm attempting to make my way through the range and will let you all know how the other products go.

With other face marks ranging from a price point of thirty to well over one hundred dollars, this brand is offering great value for money and also, the packaging is so cute! You'd be crazy not to at least give these face masks a try considering you're only investing $9. 

Happy face masking, Kenz xx


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