Summertime Essentials

With Australia well and truly delivering the heat this summer, the beach and the poolside are definitely a nice, cool oasis. Over the summers I have definitely used and abused some products more than others and therefore dubbed them my 'Summertime Essentials'.

Of course you've got the basics - a cute bikini, sun hat, thongs and great sunglasses. Not to mention your favourite beach towel. I'm also keeping an eye out for a great beach bag as I'm yet to get my hands on one.

Even though everyone is after that gorgeous summer tan (myself included) we have all been the victim of a vicious sunburn (myself included) so I definitely advocate the use of a great sun cream with a high SPF. I use the Sun Sense SPF 50+ and find it sinks into the skin really quickly and doesn't leave your skin oily or dried out as some SPF's can.

For those who brown up I recommend the Reef Sun Oil with SPF 30+ it has a gorgeous coconut scent and while helping with your summer tan, still protects your skin from the sun. However, if you would rather fake your summer glow I recommend the Dove Summer Glow Tanning Lotion. It assists with building a gradual tan while not damaging the skin in the sun. So if you're a burner instead of a tanner (you know what I mean) then go ahead and try out this great Dove product.


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