How To Make Print Dresses Work For You

Nothing says summer like a bright, gorgeous print. Though they look beautiful on the mannequin and catch your eye hanging in the shop window, such a bright statement can be somewhat intimidating. I personally love the floral print, it's a really easy way to show a more feminine side in an outfit especially when I love to pair everything will sneakers, converse and a leather jacket. 

My top tips to rocking a print 
1. always make sure the style of the dress is right for your body shape. Prints are loud and eye catching and drawing attention to a dress that doesn't sit right will do you no favours
2. pick colours that compliment your skin tone. Light skin tones are complimented by cool colours including blues, greens, pinks and purples as well as pastels, however black and white tend to have a washed out effect. Medium skin tones work well with earthy colours such as browns, tan, khaki, yellow, blues and reds, avoid the pastels and bright whites as they can make you look washed out. Dark skin tones suit whites, dark purples, orange, pinks and golden tones.
3. choose on trend prints. These can vary from floral, to geometric to oriental. Tapping into trends through prints is an easy was to keep outfits current.

Kenz xx

Outfit 1: Dress - H&M, Shoes - Converse, Sunglasses - Seafolly
Outfit 2: Dress - Dotti, Shoes - Adidas, Jacket - Barneys


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