The new, ripe age of 19

Being so young and having to make so many life decisions before I actually can begin living, I was forced to wonder what I will be doing with the rest of my life. After spending a year at university and finally coming to the conclusion that it so was not the place for me, I evaluated my passions and how they can become much more than an interest and potentially a career.

My late teen years saw me so connected to fashion and bloggers. I was and still am completely obsessed with trends, style and all things to do with fashion, subscribing to bloggers and YouTubers and Instagram style fanatics. From buying my monthly Vogue magazine to spending the last of my minimum wage on whatever clothes I was falling in love with I have just been living and breathing fashion.

So after a huge push from my friends and realising that hey, maybe I could be a blogger, I created Nineteen. Currently at the ripe, young age of 19 I'm redirecting my life and becoming somewhat of a blogger (as strange as that sounds). Hopefully I can become more tech savvy as I truly don't even know if this will actually post!

Here's to Nineteen! If you're reading (I will be pinching myself if you are) then enjoy!

Kenz xx


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